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    LM393 Comparator Speed Sensor Module for (For Arduino)-Blue (Works with Official (For Arduino) Boards)
    USD $2.99
    USD $0.89
    UNO Project Basic Starter Kit with Tutorial and UNO R3 for Arduino
    USD $16.99
    0.28 Inch 2.5V-30V Mini Digital Voltmeter Voltage Tester Meter
    USD $1.99
    USD $1.39
    DIY 16 in 1 Sensor Module Kit for Raspberry Pi
    USD $10.99
    BMP180 Barometric Pressure, Temperature and Altitude Sensor for Arduino
    USD $4.99
    20 in 1 Sensor Module Kit and Improved Version UNO R3 ATMEGA328P Board Module for Arduino
    USD $34.99
    FC-28-D Soil Hygrometer Detection Module + Soil Moisture Sensor - Blue
    USD $1.99
    (For Arduino) Compatible DHT11 Digital Temperature Humidity Sensor Module
    USD $1.99
    DIY DHT22 2302 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module for (For Arduino)
    USD $8.99
    Landa Tianrui TM-DIY 3mm LED Light-Emitting Diode Set (5*20PCS)
    USD $1.99
    YuanBoTong DIY DS18B20 Stainless Steel Temperature Sensor Probe
    USD $2.99
    MAX6675 K-Type Thermocouple Module Thermocouple Temperature Sensor
    USD $8.99
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